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Foods for healthy hair



Foods for healthy hair

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Who doesn't dream about healthy, shiny, strong, thick hair!?!? They made us believe that hair nourishes from shampoo we use... Well, I have to disappoint you... Shampoo is for washing your hair... just like body gel is for washing your skin. Hair nourishes with food we eat using those vitamins and minerals our food has prepared for us.

Why don't we pay more attention to our food instead of reading foolish promises on shampoo labels!? You will not get an immediate result but it will be worth it! Yes, and don't forget to finish off your healthy hair with shampoo because your gotta wash it anyway 🙂

  • For shine: salmon, sardines, mackerel
  • To fight dull and dry hair: carrots, mango, sweet potato, pumpkin
  • To protect from breaking: berries, guava
  • For growth and strength: avocado, nuts, seeds, yogurt
  • For blood flow: cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, garlic
  • For healthy looks: spinach, kale, chard
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