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Snacks & Appetizers

Healthy-er Recipes: 
Snacks & Appetizers

Whoever said that eating healthy-er is difficult and boring has obviously never tried our easy Snacks & Apps healthy-er recipes. Roll up your sleeves and enjoy!

Potato Stacks with Mushrooms
Ask what's good about SpinachCookie appetizer recipes? EASY! QUICK! YUMMY! - that is the answer. This potato stacks recipe can become a hit at your party. It is tasty, filling, and goes well with drinks. Did I miss anything? 🙂
Deviled Eggs with Mushrooms
If you don't have a lot of time to prepare food for your party, this easy appetizer recipe can be the way to go! These Deviled Eggs with Mushrooms are very flavorful and can be served warm or cold!
Artichoke Dip Mini Boats
This easy-to-make appetizer will fill you up very fast! The artichoke cups are very flavorful and have a nice balance of crunchy and soft textures! This appetizer is perfect for any type of parties as it can be served hot or cold!
Baby Portobello Mushrooms with Eggs
These lovely appetizers will make your guests happy! The are colorful and so tasty! Made with only 3 ingredients, they can be a perfect healthy alternative to get your party going! It is very easy to make them, so you can work with large quantities at once.

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