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Drinks & Smoothies

Drinks & Smoothies

Whoever said that eating healthy-er is difficult and boring has obviously never tried our easy Drinks & Smoothies healthy-er recipes. Roll up your sleeves and enjoy!

Yogurt Drink with Berries
This Yogurt Drink with Berries is awesome and can become your favorite snack! Drink it when you feel hungry and you will not crave foods you try to avoid so much! It is very filling and will keep your "batteries" running smooth till your next meal so you can make it there like a hero! 😉
Cranberry Mint Kompot
Cranberry Mint Kompot is one of my favorite drinks! It is a good source of vitamin C which is essential for the immune system. This drink can make long cold winter nights much better! In summer, chill it in the fridge for a couple of hours and you will be surprised how refreshing it is!
Banana Smoothie with Ricotta
Nice and creamy, this Banana Smoothie will be your to-go option for quick and healthy breakfast! Not to mention, that you can have it any other time of the day since it is so fast and easy to make whenever you feel like!
“All-in-One” Vegetable Juice
There is everything in this juice! May be not all you want, but all you need 😉 This is one of the best healthy-er juicer recipes. It has a unique taste and a good balance of flavors. Not to mention the health benefits! It is packed with nutrients and will be a great addition to any meal.

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