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Breakfast & Brunch

Healthy-er Recipes:
 Breakfast & Brunch

Whoever said that eating healthy-er is difficult and boring has obviously never tried our easy Breakfast & Brunch healthy-er recipes. Roll up your sleeves and enjoy!

Easy Crust Breakfast Mini Pizzas
They, probably, told you that you can't start your day with pizza... Well, it's official: YOU CAN! Here comes one of my favorite quick and easy breakfast recipes. Did I mention that these mini pizzas are actually quite healthy? Sounds unreal... but the only way to make sure is to try this easy and healthy breakfast recipe out!
Breakfast Avocado Boats with Eggs
This easy breakfast eggs recipe will spare you some time as it is so fast to make! No doubt, this is a very creative way to serve eggs. Not to mention, how healthy this meal is! Don't be shy to season those avocados with your favorite spices and herbs! Buon appetite and have a great day!
Fluffy Breakfast Omelette
This is a perfect breakfast recipe for starting your day right! This tasty fluffy omelette is rich in fiber and protein. It will fill you up and will keep you going! And it is so easy to make!
Sweet Potato Egg Sandwich with Guacamole
Don't miss out on this filling breakfast recipe! Sweet potatoes are perfectly paired with sour notes in guacamole. This breakfast meal has a good amount of protein and fiber and is packed with nutrients!
Peppers Stuffed with Eggs and Veggies
This breakfast recipe is one of my favorites! First of all, it looks yummy 🙂 Second, it is quite filling even though it might seem light! Not to mention that it is a good source of protein. It is a perfect weekend breakfast when you have a little bit of extra time to prepare it.
Creamed Spinach Baked Eggs
This is a very filling and tasty breakfast to set you up for a successful day! The dish is rich in protein and packed with nutrients from vegetables. Choose a cute baking dish and your kids will love it! It is easy to remove Creamed Spinach Eggs from baking dishes and transfer into to-go containers if that's your plan 🙂

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