Low Carb Bagels

low carb bagels

Here it is! Your healthy-er chocolate cake recipe! This healthy-er chocolate cake is moist, rich, and sweet! And there is no added sugar. Please, don’t get discouraged by avocado! Well, it is technically a fruit anyway (if that makes you feel better), and it will bring your “ganache” to the next level. And remember, nobody will be able to guess the ingredient list for your healthy-er chocolate cake, so you can feed this avocado ganache to your kids without a doubt!

13 foods Healthy Eaters SHould AVOID

13 foods to avoid - spinachcookie.com

Stay away from these unhealthy foods. Probably, some of them are your favorites as they are appealing to your taste buds. Unfortunately, they are not appealing for your body. Not only these unhealthy foods lack nutritional benefits, they are harmful and can cause damage to your healthy sells. In order to be a healthy eater, you should know which foods to avoid.

12 Foods to consume weekly

12 FOODS TO CONSUME WEEKLY - spinachcookie.com

The foods on this list are very important for your body’s vital functions. Nutrients which these healthy foods provide can’t be substituted with supplements or bottled vitamins. Don’t stress about getting enough of every single nutrient you know about. Just eat a variety of healthy foods and dink plenty of water.