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About Us


​We are a husband-and-wife team. We live in a beautiful state of Maine with our two fur babies: a huge and fluffy Maine coon Leo and a very ordinary grey cat Phibi. 

This blog is our creation. 

Our mission is to make this World a little bit better by helping people find easier ways to enjoy healthy meals.

The Team

Sasha and Leo

​I'm Sasha, the author and the photographer on this website. I've always been a cook at heart. I grew up on a vegetable farm in Europe and arrived a few years ago to the US where I met my husband Albert. We live in a beautiful state of Maine. Here I've earned my culinary arts degree and became a member of American Culinary Federation.                          

Oh, yes, Leo! He is my buddy. He looks like a Maine Coon cat but he is such a dog! He helps me with this blog by following me everywhere as he is super curious. Also, he LOVES my food. His favorite dish is a vegetable omelette.


​Albert is my tech guy. By saying that, I'm not trying to diminish his input into this website. He manages to fix things before I even know that they are broken, so I can keep creating.       

Also, he is a marketing genius and a crazy ideas generator which sometimes becomes to much for me to handle!

Also, and most importantly, he is my husband and we have so much fun working on this blog together!


​She is one more important member of our family. She eats, sleeps, and keeps Leo company when we are not at home. The little guy can't handle being on his own 🙂

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