February 17

9 Foods for healthy eyes



9 Foods for Healthy Eyes

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It is so important to take good care of our eyes as they let us see the beauty of this world! Eyes need nutrients and minerals to operate as any other organ in our body!  Eat there healthy foods to help your eyes be stronger and healthier! 

  • Raw Red Peppers (good for blood vessels) 
  • Nuts  (slow AMD - macular degeneration)
  • Dark leafy greens (lower risk of low term diseases)
  • Fatty Fish (protects from AMD and glaucoma)
  • Carrots (help with night vision)
  • Eggs (help to control central vision)
  • Squash (supports overall eye health)
  • Brussels sprouts (protect eye cells from damage)
  • Beans (keep vision sharper, lower AMD)


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