It is so hard to make healthy eating choices when you are hungry. Especially, if you are hungry outside your house. Especially, if it smells like food everywhere.

So, how do you deal with that?

How often do you have meals outside your house?

Where do you get them?

Do you snack, at all?

Are your snacks healthy?

Where do you get them?

Are they always available?

Got kids? Do you trust a school’s cafeteria?

Do you trust your kids when you give them their lunch money? You are responsible for their healthy choices, too…

Being in control of all those “little things” is hard. That’s why eating healthy on the go is a level “pro” for a healthy eater.

Hunger drives us to eat more than we need. It makes us eat food that isn’t good for us. When we are hungry, we justify our bad choices. When we are full, we look back with regret. Let’s see how you can prevent that from happening.


Smart people are proactive, not reactive. In our case, being proactive means being prepared for those moments of hunger. This is one of the best traits of healthy eater.

Start preparing well in advance by adding healthy snacks to your grocery list. Remember, that your snack options are: fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, yogurt, kefir.

When you come home from a grocery store, prepare your healthy-er snacks for the whole week ahead. For example, if you go to work five days a week, get five jars/ containers and fill them with your snack assortment.

Do the same thing for your kids. Spend some time once a week and make sure that they will have healthy snacks available for the next 7 days!

Teach your kids the right thing from small.

For my snacks, I prefer nuts, seeds, dried fruits, some dark chocolate chips, and some dried sea weed. So tasty and filling! And don’t forget a piece of fresh fruit on the side!

Now, all you have to do is to grab a jar on your way out!

There is one more important thing you should never forget to take with you. It’s your water bottle.

Get yourself a nice water bottle, so you enjoy drinking from it. Better choices would be glass or stainless steel bottle. Don’t get a plastic one! I have this one (link) and I love it!

The same system works for your lunches. Get tips on how to plan and prepare your own lunches HERE.


Avoid fast food at all costs. There is never a reason to eat fast food. Even if you are super hungry. Especially, when you are super hungry.

For example, if you got hungry running your errands, just stop by in the nearest grocery store and get some fruits and a handful of nuts. Don’t reach out for chips, cookies, bars, etc. Those are never a good snack.

If you decided to eat out, go for healthier options.  Ger a whole wheat toast with egg and avocado for breakfast. Order a salad for lunch. Healthy dinner choices are unlimited…

Skip donuts, pizza, burgers, pasta, pastries…

Think healthier, eat healthier, be healthier…


You might have noticed that when you drink a sweet drink, your hunger goes away. That happens because glucose from sugar reaches your blood stream and aids in production of energy.

That’s why we feel energized and ready to conquer the world after drinking a can of soda. (FYI: one 12 oz can of coke has MORE than 3 TABLEspoons of sugar. Holly… ).

Unfortunately, soda is not a solution for hunger. And for anything else at all.

Forget about sodas, bottled teas, bottled juices. Almost anything you used to drink before, really. Those drinks have enormous amounts of sugar. More than you think.

Remember, that healthy eater’s choices of beverages are:

  • Water (isn’t a suggestion, it is a must)
  • Freshly brewed tea (with no sugar)
  • Kompot (boiled berries and fruits in water)
  • Kombucha (it has healthy bacteria for your stomach)
  • Kefir (it is a very awesome drink which is very beneficial for your body. And it is so easy to make it at home!)
  • Smoothies made from fresh fruits and veggies



– Add healthy snacks to a grocery shopping list

– Portion snack into containers/ jars for a week ahead

– Have a water bottle with you

– Avoid fast food

– Order healthier food when eating out

– Get your healthy snacks at a grocery store

– Snack options: fruits, berries, seeds, nuts, plain yogurt

– Drink options: water, freshly brewed tea, kompot, kombucha, kefir, smoothies

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