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13 foods to AVOID



13 Foods to AVOID

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Stay away from these unhealthy foods. Probably, some of them are your favorites as they are appealing to your taste buds. Unfortunately, they are not appealing for your body. Not only these unhealthy foods lack nutritional benefits, they are harmful and can cause damage to your healthy sells. In order to be a healthy eater, you should know which foods to avoid. 

  • Fast Food (It is so so so bad for you. Most of the time it is mad from low quality ingredients, it is highly processed, and fool of chemicals/ additives. Yes, you can get the most calories per dollar. But is that your goal? ) 
  • Deep Fried Food  (Bad, bad, bad. Oils for deep frying is so unhealthy! Plus, they get reused over a long period of time, which makes them toxic. )
  • Sugar / its substitutes / artificial sweeteners (If you eat fruits and vegetables, you can be sure that your body gets the amount of sugar it needs to function. We don't need added sugars at all. FYI: some of artificial sweeteners can not be digested, some of them are proven to cause cancer. Just watch THIS.)
  • Sodas and flavorite drinks (There are SO MUCH sugar in those drinks! Don't get distracted by fancy labels and "low calorie" promises. It's not about calories here at all.)
  • Chips and premade snacks (Highly processed! Full of additives / chemicals!)
  • Cheap cooking oils (Use only first cold pressed oils. I use only avocado, olive, and coconut oil for cooking. But there are some other healthy options, too. All those canola and vegetable oils in huge containers are processed. Don't save on your health. Your body needs healthy fats. )
  • White flour (White flour is dead. In order to obtain white flour, they remove all nutritious parts in grains. It doesn't have any nutrients for our bodies. On top of that, it was proven to cause heartburn along with other carbs. If you have this problem, just read this book. Life changing!)
  • White bread (Same story with white flour.)
  • Pastries and sweets (White flour, sugar, additives, preservatives... What a "marvelous" combination. Stay away from those! )
  • Jams and Preserves (Even though they are made with fruits and berries, there is more sugar in them than fruits and berries. There is SO much sugar, you won't believe!)
  • Alcohol (It destabilizes and poisons your body and mind.)
  • Ice cream (Sugar, sugar, sugar. There is more than you think!)
  • Yogurts with flavors (Again, sugar... Yogurts are so tricky. We tend to think that they are good for us. And they are! but not with that amount of sugar they add to flavor them. Just eat plain yogurt with some fresh berries instead!



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