13 foods to AVOID

13 foods to avoid - spinachcookie.com

Stay away from these unhealthy foods. Probably, some of them are your favorites as they are appealing to your taste buds. Unfortunately, they are not appealing for your body. Not only these unhealthy foods lack nutritional benefits, they are harmful and can cause damage to your healthy sells. In order to be a healthy eater, you should know which foods to avoid.

12 Foods to consume weekly

12 FOODS TO CONSUME WEEKLY - spinachcookie.com

The foods on this list are very important for your body’s vital functions. Nutrients which these healthy foods provide can’t be substituted with supplements or bottled vitamins. Don’t stress about getting enough of every single nutrient you know about. Just eat a variety of healthy foods and dink plenty of water.

No-bake Vegan Double Chocolate Cake

vegan chocolate cake - spinachcookie.com

Here it is! Your healthy-er chocolate cake recipe! This healthy-er chocolate cake is moist, rich, and sweet! And there is no added sugar. Please, don’t get discouraged by avocado! Well, it is technically a fruit anyway (if that makes you feel better), and it will bring your “ganache” to the next level. And remember, nobody will be able to guess the ingredient list for your healthy-er chocolate cake, so you can feed this avocado ganache to your kids without a doubt!

9 Foods for healthy eyes

HEALTHY foods for eyes - spinachcookie.com

It is so important to take good care of our eyes as they let us see the beauty of this world! Eyes need nutrients and minerals to operate as any other organ in our body! Eat there healthy foods to help your eyes be stronger and healthier!

Foods for healthy skin

Foods for healthy skin - spinachcookie.com

Yes, it is important to use good cream on your skin which does the right job and has minimum or no chemicals in it. But I believe that it is even more important to nourish skin from inside.

Our bodies has everything necessary for our skin… if we make right food choices and drink enough water! Check out some foods for healthy skin listed here which your could add to your diet to support your skin!

Super foods

superfoods - spinachcookie.com

“Superfoods” is a very new marketing term. It identifies a group of foods which have numerous health benefits for our bodies. Try adding them to your daily diet (even if you don’t like the taste)!

Research new recipes, make it fun! Pick one item from each category listed below/ above and add it to your weekly menu. Switch it up next week. Replace a doughnut with an avocado. A cup of sweetened coffee with a cup of green tea. A soda with kombucha. A pack of chips with a handful of nuts. Are you still reading this?! If you are, then I know you can do it!

Foods for healthy hair

Foods for Healthy hair - spinachcookie.com

Who doesn’t dream about healthy, shiny, strong, thick hair!?!? They made us believe that hair nourishes from shampoo we use… Well, I have to disappoint you… Shampoo is for washing your hair… just like body gel is for washing your skin. Hair nourishes with food we eat using those vitamins and minerals our food has prepared for us.

Why don’t we pay more attention to our food instead of reading foolish promises on shampoo labels!? You will not get an immediate result but it will be worth it! Yes, and don’t forget to finish off your healthy hair with shampoo because your gotta wash it anyway 🙂